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We have reached the goal for 

"Move The Animal Shelter". All the money raised between September 2011 to November 3rd, 2015 for this cause will go directly to the dogs & cats in the community to provide them with a new home. We do plan on contributing over $80,000.00+ to the Riverhead Town Animal Shelter Welcoming Center when Town of Riverhead officials decide to move forward with the animal shelter project. For now, the money will be safe in the bank until the project is started. Thank you very much for your generous donation towards "move the animal shelter". We now move forward to help 

people and animals in the community. 


Our NEW mission: "Making Towns A Success" Helping Towns Thrive and Prosper. Enhancing the Lives of People and Animals. 


We are excited to say that RMTAS Is off to a great start. 

We held the 6 hour Defensive Driver Class in November 2015 and all the money raised that night went to 3 local organizations. The VFW in Riverhead, The RSVP Outreach Program & We held a free raffle at the local Senior Center and had the local senior ladies hairs cut & styled at The Robert James Salon 

by Lisa and Jaci. That is success!  


The Stock the Shelves Food Drive in December 2015 was also a huge success as we were able to send 2 big truckloads of food to 4 local food pantries & provide frozen meats for the local soup kitchen. That is success! 


Each month we drop off a raffle basket at the Riverhead Senior Center for their seniors to enjoy a Free raffle sponsored by RMTAS. 

If anybody would like to donate to a basket for this free senior raffle please contact us. 


  Help us help people & animals in the community by donating today. We are very grateful for your support. 

 Riverhead MTAS Inc. Working to make the world a better place. 

100% Volunteer 100% of your donation goes directly to causes right here in your own community.

Dear Community & Supporters of RMTAS,

This letter is to regretfully inform you that The 5th Annual Hogs & Hot Rods Car and Motorcycle Event is being CANCELED. Like you, we were very excited about the event and were in the final stages of our preparation. However, due to having to file a Chapter 90 Long Form with the Town of Riverhead and due to the application fee to The Town of Riverhead being a non-refundable $2500. fee and due to the fact that the Long Form must be submitted 120 days prior to the event this forced us to cancel this gathering.

In the past we filed a Short Form Chapter 90 which had to be submitted 90 days prior to an event and we had no application fee. Last week we had our volunteer go to Riverhead Town Hall to handle the application and our Councilman informed her that we could no longer submit the Chapter 90 Short Form that we have submitted for the past 4 years for this event.
We will be hosting another Hogs & Hot Rods in 2017. As soon as the date and location is finalized, we will dispatch your invitation throughout the community.
We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you will understand our circumstances. There are a few companies that have paid for their vendor spaces in advance. Please be sure to know your check refunds will be mailed out within 5 to 7 business days.
Thank you very much for your understanding and support.
Denise Lucas & The Board Members of RMTAS

 Thank you all for your help and support. 



 Welcome to our site, we are glad you stopped by. 

Our goal: Help the community, people, animals, clubs & organizations.


We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit organization.

Contributions to our organization are tax deductible.



Our efforts have been successful since we started

this organization September 2011. 


Visit the 1st dog park that We Funded and Completed for the Town

on July 21st, 2012 The Isaac Dog Park located at: Epcal Route 25 Calverton, NY

(behind the baseball fields)


Visit the 2nd dog park that We Funded and  completed for the Town

on August 10th, 2013 The Duke Dog Park located at: Stotzky Park Pulaski St Riverhead, NY

(behind the soccer fields)


 **We need your help**


Donate by credit card or paypal on the website or you can mail a check. Your donation is tax deductable.

Make checks payable to:

Riverhead MTAS Inc.

P.O. Box 635

Riverhead, NY 11901

Thank you for your continued support.




 If you would like to be a part of our organization as a volunteer 

please contact us.

please send your information

to Denise@rmtas.org or to our mailing address:

RMTAS P.O. Box 635 Riverhead, NY 11901




Check out our website often to see our updates on events and news about our projects.




Items needed for RSVP Community Outreach Program & Riverhead Town Animal Shelter

Please help.
         Blankets, Towels, Sheets, Dry Dog Food, Dog Treats, Can Dog Food, Leashes, Collars, Peanut Butter, Dog Shampoo & Conditioner, Sponges, Window Cleaner, Bleach, Clorox Wipes, Dish Detergent, Grooming Brushes, Nail Trimmers, Dog Toys, Large Dog Kongs Toys, Polyethylene Slip Leads, Containers.







Upcoming events


RMTAS is 100% Volunteer. 100% of your donation stays right here in your own community. RMTAS volunteers are hard workers with full time jobs but find time in their busy schedules to help animals & people. RMTAS  has nobody on payroll or salary. RMTAS is not about begging you for money. RMTAS hosts very affordable fundraiser events so everybody in the community can afford to attend. RMTAS volunteers enjoy using their spare time to help the community be a better place to live. RMTAS definitely has a unique way of fundraising with "fun affordable unique event" so we never "steal peoples thunder" by using their ideas for events. 

RMTAS starts the project. RMTAS works with the community to finish the project, as simple as that. It took only 1 visit to the Riverhead Town Animal Shelter on Labor Day weekend 2011 for RMTAS to Step up to the plate and do something about it. It has been there for over 50 years, and yes 1 visit, that’s all it took. Nobody can take that away from us. We are always ready to help and ready to get things accomplished. September 2011 is when our mission began & was created "move the animal shelter".

 RMTAS has brought awareness to long overdue problems with the animal shelter but most important we have brought people & animals together with community support & community awareness and that is priceless. RMTAS has accomplished a lot for the animals in our community. RMTAS helps several animal rescue groups with supplies on a daily basis, RMTAS helps connect people & animals and over the past four years RMTAS funded the Town of Riverhead with 2 new Dog Parks for the community to enjoy. Again, we are all 100% Volunteer and 100% of your donation goes directly to the missions of RMTAS. 100% of your donation stays right here in your own community.

RMTAS has raised over $80,000+ to put towards "moving the animal shelter" in Riverhead to a new location. We are waiting for the town to move forward with the new animal shelter plans so we can help by contributing $80,000+ towards this project for the Riverhead Town Animal Shelter Welcoming Center. RMTAS has been the driving force to "move the animal shelter". That’s how we got our name “move the animal shelter”. All of this would have never happened without support from the entire community and beyond. We are not giving up on "move the animal shelter" we have just been pushed aside for now.

RMTAS new mission is to help people & animals in the community. With your help & support we have done so much in just 4 short years for animals. Imagine working together and continuing to do great things in the community to help people? Please consider donating today. We can assure you that 100% of your Donation goes directly to the missions of RMTAS and 100% of your donation stays right here in your own community....

        Riverhead MTAS Inc. “Making Towns a Success”   

                 Helping Towns Thrive & Prosper. 

              Enhancing the Lives of People & Animals.

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